Services We Offer

Gnandt Consulting offers tailored planning, execution, and operations of healthcare information systems. We guide clients through the different steps of systems development with knowledge and expertise.

Gnandt Consulting evaluates and advises on strategy and business continuity, helps with system analysis, selection, implementation, and maintenance. We consult with the project sponsor, managers, stakeholders, the steering committee and escort projects to success.

Our subject matter expertise covers technologic challenges like hosting, disaster recovery, integration, interoperability, and testing as well as regulatory considerations, policies, procedures, security, and privacy. Gnandt Consulting follows the lean philosophy and Six Sigma doctrine to foster business success through continual improvement and change management.

As part of our contracting services, Gnandt Consulting takes over various roles in the healthcare enterprise. We offer contract project management, systems engineering, quality management, education and training, as well as strategic leadership and business operations as contract CIO (Chief Information Officer) or CTO (Chief Technology Officer), among others.

In our engineering business capability, Gnandt Consulting helps with build decisions through agile organization, team building, product and software engineering management, and quality assurance. Services are non-exclusive to development and maintenance of healthcare analytics and business intelligence solutions.